makeup artist jen murphy at work on a photo shoot with David Raccuglia
makeup artist jen murphy in collaboration with client
david raccuglia shooting model elizabeth for the kir collection with makeup artist jen murphy
the final image for indesign magazine makeup by jen murphy


Jen Murphy has an M.A. in Philosophy of Aesthetics, but would rather make beauty in the world than philosophize about it. She has been a makeup artist for 25 years and absolutely loves what she does. Jen is recognized for her exquisite attention to detail, her ability to craft a tailor-made look for each project, and most of all for creating a natural look on film.


Serving both commercial and private clientele as a professional makeup artist, Jen Murphy has worked on a wide range of advertising, catalogue, editorial, commercial and entertainment projects for all media, as well as performance, events, and weddings. One thing she has learned is that collaboration holds the utmost importance in every job.


Film and video productions, photo shoots and weddings require a special set of skills combining a swift hand and a well-honed eye as well as an attentive and pleasing personality. Whether in studio or on location, Jen's attention to detail, problem solving ability, calm demeanor and 25 years of experience are assets to have on hand.